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The Moleskin/Soft Shell Look

A pair of moleskin blue jeans from Jacob Cohen match perfectly with the grey sot shell jacket perfectly provided by C.P. Company. To finish it off, grab a C.P. navy sweatshirt and you'll be certain to be the warmest you've ever felt this autumn//winter season.

Colmar/Scotch & Soda Casual Outfit

A Colmar casual jacket is perfect for the Spring weather, making sure you're covered whatever the weather. Soft and reliable, this perfectly combines with the pink pullover from Scotch & Soda, making sure you'll turn heads wherever you go. Finish the look off with a pair of Scotch denim jeans that'll last forever, and your Spring outfit is complete.

Credit for all of our amazing window displays goes to Gary Burrke!

Scotch & Soda Spring/Summer Outfit

This Scotch & Soda outfit is perfect for a sunny day, while the pink shirt is a thinner casual cotton shirt, the blue pullover compliments the outfit while also being incredibly comfortable at the same time. Finish it off with a pair of Scotch jeans and your outfit is complete.

Credit for all of our amazing window displays goes to Gary Burrke!

Trapper x Circle of Gentlemen x Etro

The Brown Trapper jacket completes this look, while the Circle of Gentlemen shirt finishes it off with a sense of style and finesse that any modern gentleman could pull off. The Jacob Cohen jeans are classic italian made garment, that remains to be one of our most popular products. The Etro trainers are excellent, if not a bit different so you may look stylish and stand out from the rest.

Mackage Jacket/John Varvatos Shirt and Jeans

The Mackage Jacket has the subtlety to give this outfit the edge over others as its made to blend in, in such a way. The John Varvatos garments mix the outfit up, with standout navy colours all round, and design that's perfect for those prefer their outfits darker.

The Hugo Boss Orange Label Outfit

A completely Boss Orange label look, where you'll be wearing the the blue patterned shirt combined with the charcoal grey zip sweater that's knitted to perfection, finished off by a pair cotton jeans.

Going out this Christmas? We've got the Outfit for you!

The Trapper Jacket with our own brand of half zip knitted sweatshirt, make this outfit an outstanding outfit for going out this Christmas. Joining this pair, are a pair of Jaggy Jeans that shouldn't be missed. The Jaggy name is fast becoming a household name and should not be missed out on.

Credit for all of our amazing window displays goes to Gary Burrke!

Etro! Jacob Cohen! Jeffery West! This Season's Favourites

Etro Olive Casual Jacket, Robert Fuller Grey half Zip, Jacob Cohen Blue Jeans, Circle of gentlemen white shirt and Jeffery West Tan Shoes

Scotch & Soda Collection: Outfit Ideas

Scotch & Soda Gift Ideas this Christmas. Includes the Nubuck Bomber jacket, Jacquard Pullover and Blue Jeans with Black back patch.

Psycho Bunny Vest and Polo Combination

Our Psycho Bunny Gilet and Bakewell Polo Shirt go hand in hand, making the outfit stand out. The Psycho Bunny logo is a favourite and works well to accommodate the modern man's wardrobe.

The Paul Smith/Circle of Gentlemen Combo

The Paul Smith/Circle of Gentlemen Combo. Paul Smith Navy Jeans, Zip Jumper and Check Jacket. Includes a Circle of Gentlemen navy shirt.

Scotch & Soda Blue Gift Set

A very Blue collection of Scotch & Soda products.

Circle of Gentleman Jacket and Shirt Combo with Jeffery West Shoes

ONLINE: The Metallic grey Circle of Gentlemen shirt is a traditionally simple, but instantly recognisable style that remains subtle while all the while giving you the supreme comfortability that only Circle shirts can give you. The Jeffery West shoes complete a look which is only made possible in part because of the Libertine style with the beige colouring and punched pattern. An essential look for any smart occasion.

IN STORE: Our Circle of Gentleman Jacket is an amazing check beige colour, and can be see in store, alongside the Jacob Cohen wool trousers, that are silky smooth and work fantastically well with this combination of jacket, shirt and shoes.

Credit for all of our amazing window displays goes to Gary Burrke!

Stone Island Jacket with a John Varvatos Twist

Our most popular brand, and one of the highlights of the collection, this comfortable and durable piece of outerwear combines Primaloft insulation with polyester padding and a real fur hood to create one of the best coats around. This along with a John Varvatos Star USA charcoal crewneck sweater and a pair of Jacob Cohen blue jeans, completes this look, ready for winter and any casual meet-up.

Credit for all of our amazing window displays goes to Gary Burrke!

Scotch & Soda- The Perfect Combination

The Scotch & Soda Blazer and Navy Shirt are a perfect match, practically hand-made to work together as a set. The Scotch & Soda Jeans are a comfortable pair that completes a Scotch & Soda Christmas Combination gift.

Credit for all of our amazing window displays goes to Gary Burrke!